The Wolf and The Fortuneteller

Este es un antiguo cuento persa...el final puede tener varias interpretaciones...

Late one night, an old fortuneteller was returning home from the bazaar.
It was getting dark, so the fortuneteller decided to take a short-cut though the woods, to get home faster.
Along the way, she encountered a hungry wolf.
 The wolf was about to eat her when she cried out, “Oh wolf! Spare me and I will tell you your future!”
The wolf agreed, and the fortunteller held the wolf’s ear as she concentrated.
 After a few minutes of deep thought, the fortuneteller told the wolf, “You will become a shepard.”
The wolf instantly sat down and started crying, much to the surprise of the fortuneteller.
“Why are you crying,” asked the fortuneteller.
“I’m afraid you might be lying,” replied the wolf.

--Recopilado por Cyrus Safdari

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